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Daily Prayer Devotionals

Look below for this week's daily prayer devotionals written by leaders here at TACC. These devotionals are designed to help guide you as you read and pray through the scriptures. You can find our current reading schedule on our Shock & Awe page. You can also pick up printed copies at the back table of the worship center or in the church office. Email if you would like a previous week's devotionals.

January 15 - 21

Monday, Matthew 15: Think of areas in your walk with the Lord where you are acting hypocritically. In humility, confess and repent of it. Do you give lip service to God on Sunday mornings then live hypocritically the rest of the week? Do you care for your aging mom and dad? Have evil thoughts gone unchecked in your mind? Are you acting upon them? Do you grumble and complain? Have you gossiped or slander someone’s character? Ask God to forgive you and “lead you not into temptation but deliver you from evil.” Matt 6:13

Tuesday, Matthew 16: Pray for discernment to know error from Truth, false doctrine from true doctrine. Pray to have the resiliency and conviction to remain steadfast to the Truth of our faith with all conviction in spite of being loathed or hated by others. Pray that your mind and heart be stayed upon the things of God and that material things will not run your life or steal your heart away. John 21:15 “… do you love Me more than these [things]? …”

Wednesday, Matthew 17: The voice of the Father came audibly to the three disciples, “This is my beloved Son … LISTEN TO HIM!” (vs 5). Pray that you’ll never become dull of hearing His voice as you read His Word, listen to sound preaching and teaching, or being encouraged by a believer who is either sharing their experiences in the Lord or who is speaking encouraging words. Pray that your littler faith becomes greater faith and boldness in Him. (vs 17-20). Also, do not pray whether you should pay your taxes or not because God has already decided that you should. (vs 27) Romans 13:6-7.

Thursday, Matthew 18: Our old nature always seeks self; we will always battle our fleshly desires (vs 1). Pray that the Lord keeps you in a humble state. Romans 12:3. Pray that you will not be one of those who cause another brother or sister to give into temptation and sin. Also, pray that you’ll have a heart to help, watch out for, and encourage weaker Christians in their faith (vs 7). You must be forgiving. It is the hallmark of what it means to bear the image of Christ in your heart. God IS a forgiving God and you MUST forgive also (vs 35); therefore, pray that you’ll be forgiving of others and that they will forgive you.

Friday, Matthew 19: If you are considering divorce, pray and seek God’s will in this matter. If you know someone considering divorce, pray for them that they would seek God and do the right thing (vs 6-9). Those who are divorced, or are considering divorce, have deep emotional scars and will need our help to make good Biblically informed decisions. Pray that your material wealth do not hold power over you and that they do not become idols. Pray for the heart to give away your stuff to others. We already have immense treasures: eternal life (vs 29) the knowledge of God (2 Cor 4:6-7) no fear of the future (Rom 8:39) etc. Pray for the grace to follow Him with nothing tying you to this earth.

Saturday, Matthew 20: Stop complaining for a moment about whatever situation you might find yourself in (vs 11); instead thank God for His generosity of allowing you to be His laborer in His field! And thank God for all your fellow laborers as well who have received the same amount of grace as you. Pray that you will become a Great Person – at serving others in humility! (vs 26-28). To do this you must see their needs. Therefore, pray that God will grant you opportunities to serve them.

Sunday, Matthew 21: Verse 10 says that the whole city got riled up saying “Who is this?” Pray to be bold and not afraid to share your faith. We know Him intimately enough to share Him with all who don’t know who He is. Throughout His entire life, Jesus was always praying to the Father. The Temple in Jerusalem was literally His house – and prayers are tied to it! (vs 13). So pray to have a constant attitude of prayer and thanksgiving to God. Pray for compassion that will move you to action. Jesus always healed because of a God-sized compassionate heart (verse 14), Matthew 9:35-36, Colossians 3:12.