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Block/Neighborhood Parties


What if Jesus meant we should love our actual neighbors?

Taking the Great Commandment Literally

When Jesus was asked to reduce everything to one command, He gave us a simple strategic plan that has the potential to change the world: love God and love your neighbor. Of course, this by necessity includes the Great Commission; loving your neighbor rightly includes sharing the good news of the Gospel. And so....

we are challenging the people in our congregation to be intentional in developing relationships with their literal neighbors.

Our hope is that our contact with our neighbors will progress from strangers to acquaintances, then from acquaintances to significant relationships. In developing relationships we will be able to share the life we have in Christ and be able also to share the Gospel, inviting our neighbors and friends to join our community groups for Bible study, prayer, fellowship, a meal - an opening up of our lives to those without Christ who live next to us.

 July 4th Block Parties - Each and Every Year!!!

With the above in mind...July 4th is a perfect time to get our neighbors together for a back yard barbeque, block party, or some other kind of celebration. We see each other as we come and go, but seldom take the time to sit and get to know one another. There are many good ideas on the website. Let us know if you plan to host a party and we will provide the hamburgers and hotdogs for your party! Have a great 4th of July getting to know your neighbors!

Some helpful resources from

Neighborhood Block Party Kit - an easy how-to guide to organize a neighborhood block party

Small Group Study Guide - The best way to learn about neighboring is in the context of community. The questions in this guide will provide a loose framework for your discussions.


Neighbor BBQ from Levi Nelson on Vimeo.