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It’s the season for fasting and prayer at TACC. Many of us have never fasted and so this will be an exploration in a new biblical discipline.  Jesus expected us to fast. He said that when he left us that we would fast. So why is it so rare? I place much of the weight of this omission on pastors, myself included, who have not taught or stressed fasting enough. Additionally, we have left much of the practice of the Christian life, to the individual.  We say that we are free in Christ, that you can’t be legalistic, and so on; however, those truths cannot erase our responsibility to each other and the gentle accountability that we all need.

Of course, we are called to share our faith with others, but how often do we ask about and share our witnessing opportunities. Of course, we are called to: give, pray, fellowship, serve, help the downcast, give to the poor, but how often do we encourage each other personally in these Christian character traits and practices.

I think it helps to embark on some of these things corporately. Group projects, when done in the right spirit, are very effective in encouraging us to do what we know we must do. So, at TACC, we are challenging each other to practice this discipline that Jesus assumed we would observe, this indispensable Christian disciple. Could it be that the discipline of fasting, in a unique way, will equip and motivate us to live fully for Christ, in ways that no other discipline can? I think the answer is a resounding – YES! That’s why we have called the church at TACC to a season of fasting beginning February 14 and ending on Palm Sunday, March 25.

I preached two sermons on fasting – February 4 and 11th. They are available on our sermons page.  And we have a fasting guide to equip you to engage in this time-tested and honorable way of disciplining ourselves for the purpose of godliness (1 Timothy 4:7-8). 

On March 25, following the morning worship service we will be closing out our fast with a lunch time feast. Please join us and happy fasting.