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Praise befits the upright

Praise befits the upright

ManFixingTiePraise befits the upright. Psalm 33:1

A spirit of praise toward God is not just obligatory. It is fitting. It is beautiful. That’s what the verse is saying.

A frowning church is really missing something. But a praising church is beautiful. Think of a man wearing a great suit, with the perfect shirt for that suit, but then he puts on a killer tie that makes the whole thing pop. That’s what praise to God does for a church. Whatever the “style” of the church may be, a spirit of praise puts a convincing and satisfying beauty upon it.

Praises to God so befit us who are not upright in ourselves but fully upright forever in Christ!

From the Gospel Coalition Post: Praise befits the upright

by Ray Ortlund, Jr.