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When We Gather Together: We Give

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When We Gather Together: We Give

Our giving is a part of our worship on Sunday mornings. Giving as worship is expanded upon in 2 Corinthians 8-9. The following is a summary of the teaching on giving by Paul.

  • Those who are disciples of Christ should excel in the grace of giving.
  • Giving is an expression of the love for Jesus.
  • God loves willing and cheerful givers.
  • A willingness to be generous in giving is more important than the amount given.
  • Our giving should be a natural response to God's gracious gift of His Son.
  • Our giving will result in praise and thanksgiving to God, unity among the brothers and sisters, and a renewed ability to serve the church in multifaceted ways.

Adapted from Ron Kelley, “Our Giving is an Act of Worship.”