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Weekly Update 3/16-22

Weekly 500 (Your youth ministry update in 500 words or less!)

The Big One: Mexico Mission Trip

  • Dates: Thursday, June 26th - Tuesday, July 1st (tentative)

  • Location: Casa De Pan in Punta Colonet (approx. 4 hours past the border)

  • Ministry: Work project, Vacation Bible School, feed children, donating food

  • What needs to be done if your son/daughter is interested in joining us on this trip:

  1. Work on getting a passport now! This can take up to 6 weeks
  2. Fill out a mission trip application
  3. Come to mandatory meetings - 1st meeting is Sunday, April 27th at 5pm (general information; parents need to come to this with son/daughter)



This Friday, March 21st from 6:30-8:30pm we will be going to the Phipp's home and enjoying some hamburger and hot dogs. Please email Matt to sign up for an item to bring!

Car Wash

For Missions Conference on March 29th, the youth ministry will be having a car wash from 9-noon in the church parking lot.


Guys - at the Hicks home. Please contact Matt for directions.

Girls - at the Hills home. Please contact Matt for directions.


Sunday 3/16

This past Sunday we continued our series called "Welcome to the Family" and talked about the fact that when we are saved we become "brothers and sisters" to one another. Salvation is not primarily about "Me and Jesus," but it is being saved to a community of believers.

This radical individualism where we do not need the church or others in order to be a Christian is completely foreign to Scripture. If we think primarily in terms of "Me and Jesus," my concern is that when the going gets tough we will leave the church because we do not believe it is essential to our faith.

But if we are in the light, then we will love our brothers and sisters (1 John 2:9-11). Love for God has direct implications for how we treat and love one another. We do not love God, if we do not love the person sitting next to us in church or youth group.

Just as a child cannot leave his family and survive because he has no resources, so some people run away from the church not realizing how they are impoverishing themselves and others. C.S. Lewis in his book the "Four Loves" talks about friendship and how when I get someone to "my self" I do not get more of them but less of them. This is because people are so complex and multifaceted that I am insufficient to bring out all the unique aspects of that person. So it is with God. When we worship God together we are able to see different aspects of His glory that we would miss when we are alone.

Questions to ask your son/daughter

  1. Do you feel like you need others in your relationship with God?
  2. Do you have someone who knows all of your secrets?
  3. Why might it be important to have someone who knows all of your secrets?