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Weekly Update 3/9-15

Weekly 500 (Your youth ministry update in 500 words or less)

The Big One: 30 Hour Famine

30 hour famine is coming up in April. Our goal for the 30 hour famine is to raise $425 as a group to support 1 child for 1 year through World Vision. There will be a lot of opportunities for us to raise support as a group, aim for a goal together, and have a good time doing it!

Why are we doing this?

  1. Living in one of the most richest areas (the O.C.) in the richest country in the history of the world, we can continue on with our lives without even noticing the poor and hungry around the world, and even the poor and hungry in our backyards.
  2. This means there must be an intentional effort on our part to notice the less fortunate and help provide for needs where appropriate.
  3. We have been blessed to be a blessing.
  4. Although fasting for 30 hours doesn't change anyone's situation, this allows us to better empathize with children for whom this is their reality every day. And also, we will be encouraged to do something that makes a difference - prayer!
  5. We want to raise funds to make a practical difference in at least 1 child's life.
  6. We pray that God would change our lives in the process!


  • Our monthly home fellowship pot-luck dinner is coming up on Friday, March 21st!

  • We will be at Brian and Sandra Phipps home. The address to their house will be sent out next Wednesday, March 18th. Please email Matt, if you do not receive the email.

  • Pot luck dinner sign ups will be available Sunday, March 16th!


  • Girls - at Adam and Erika Hill's home this Tuesday from 6:30-8:30pm!

  • Guys - at Darren and Laura Brislawn's home this Wednesday from 6:30-8:30pm. We are going to try and use the hot tub again!

*Please contact Matt for directions to G-Groups if you would like to join us!


Sunday 3/9

We are continuing our series "Welcome to the Family." This past Sunday, we looked at what it means for us to be sons and daughters of God and to have Him as our Father from 1 John 2:28-3:3. When we become Christians we get God as our Father, which has 4 implications:

1. Authority of the Father

2. Affection from the Father

3. Fellowship with the Father

4. Honor from the Father (yes, from)

To quickly summarize some big ideas we covered: when God is our Father we give up the right to determine the rules for our life. We say, "God, you are our Father. You know what is best for us, so we will listen to you."

Also, we are God's little children. Little children bring out our affection like few other things in life. So we are with God.

We get fellowship with the Father, and can pray to Him and "interrupt" the Creator of the universe because we are His children. 

We all want to hear, "Great job" from our earthly fathers. And it is even more important that we hear the divine accolade on the final day: "Well done my good and faithful servant." And it is this hope of receiving praises from the Father to us which purifies us.

Questions to ask your son/daughter

1. What do you think the rules of the house are?

2. Why do you think we have the rules that we have?

3. Is there ever a time where you think I loved you more/less than I do now? What changed?

4. How is God a good Father to you? (if your son/daughter has accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior)