Join us each Sunday at 10:30am, In-person or via Livestream!

Sunday Service at 10:30am

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Our Mission

Our ministry consists of serving the church body and the surrounding communities through various ministries for the glory of Jesus Christ.

A Summary of Our Service

• Be an example of a growing, ministering disciple to the flock, exercising your own giftedness within the church body.

• Pray for and encourage the pastors, ministry directors, staff, leaders, and their families. Notice the good in their ministries, tell them so, or send a card letting them know you are praying for them.

• Be a diligent student of the Word and be actively involved in the spiritual disciples: meditation, memorization, prayer, fellowship, evangelism, worship, confession, repentance, sacrifice, fasting, etc. Always strive to attain to the qualifications for leadership listed in 1 Timothy 3.

• Place a high priority on attending worship services, Sunday school and all-church events regularly for example: The Gathering for Prayer, Missions Conference, special all-church outreach events.

• Encourage the spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. Care for the sick and spiritual needy, welcome and encourage involvement of guests and new members of the church. Most believers will gravitate to ministry areas where their gifts can flourish. Deacons and deaconess are encouraged to not only serve in the areas they are passionate about but also encourage others to serve.

• Never listen to an evil or critical report about a person or ministry. If you hear an evil report, insist that the person take their concern to the proper person. Follow up by asking them if they have followed through on their commitment.

• Be available for serving opportunities: setting up tables and chairs, kitchen help, funerals, communion, and coordinating meals or other assistance for those in need.

Our Leadership Team

Kenny Fox 
Brian Phipps