Sunday Service at 10:30am

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Devotion Session #4 (A & B)


The church, by its very definition, is missional. The church proclaims the truths of the Gospel and manifests that truth through changed lives.

Living things reproduce, Christians produce Christians and churches produce churches. The church is the most dynamic and foundational organization on earth. The church, by calling and necessity, becomes a church-planting church. By nature, God is the sending one who initiates the redemption of His whole creation. Jesus consistently spoke of Himself as being sent in John’s gospel and subsequently commissioned His disciples for this same purpose (John 17:3, 8, 18, 21, 23, 25). As the sent people of God, the church is the instrument of His mission (John 20:21).


A. Jesus is the only way; there is no other way. The church is commanded to proclaim this truth. Church planting is urgent! More churches mean more evangelism.


• The central mission of the church is the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20; John 17:18; 20:21; Luke 24:44-49; Acts 1:8).

• The early church planted churches (Acts 13).

• Evangelistic preaching dominates the preaching narrative in the book of Acts.

• Jesus is the only way to God and He is the controller of all history (Revelation 5; Philippians 2:9-11; Acts 4:12; John 14:6).

• Reproduction of churches must be done urgently and rapidly (Acts 2:41; 2:47: 4:4; 8:4; 13:49; Matthew 9:36-38).

• The unevangelized are accountable and will be judged and go to hell (Romans 1).

• Church planting and evangelism are god-like acts of mercy, grace and conpassion (Jonah 1-4).


Questions to investigate:

a. Can Jesus save people who remain as followers of Buddha?(Acts 4:12; John 14:6; Romans 1:18-31)

b. Can you trust in Jesus plus something else just to cover your bases and get to heaven?

c. Are the unevangelized going to heaven? Hell? Why?

d. Why are new churches the most effective way to spread the gospel?

e. Why do the unevangelized go to hell according to Romans 1? Is this fair?

f. Why must the Gospel be proclaimed? What is the difference between living the Gospel and preaching the Gospel?


B. Everyone in the church must live by the Gospel and proclaim the Gospel always and everywhere, especially to the distressed and downtrodden – those we picture as least likely to make good Christians.

• The gospel is sowed abundantly (Philippians 1-2; 1:27; Luke 16:31; 24:44-49; Acts 4:12-20; 2 Cor. 9:6). The gospel is proclaimed abundantly through a variety of media (parable of the sower in Mark 4).

• Jesus had compassion because He had eyes of compassion and saw the outcasts, downcast, and downtrodden (Matthew 9:36).

• The Gospel is powerful to save, unleash it! (Romans 1:16).

• The church must know and love the Gospel (Romans 1:16-17; 3:21-25; 1 Cor. 15:3-4).


Questions to investigate:

a. Is gospel witness an important part of the Christian life? Are we commanded to witness? (Matthew 28:16-20; Matthew 4:19)

b. Should every Christian learn to share his faith? What would you tell someone who says they are a Christian but is not interested in sharing his faith?(Luke 9:26)

c. What kinds of resources does God give us in witnessing? (Matthew 10)

d. If you never share the Gospel can you be a Christian? Does the willingness to share the Gospel give assurance of salvation? Should it bring joy? (Mark 8:38; 2 Timothy 2:12)