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Prayer Requests

Below are prayer requests we have received from ministries and attendees here at TACC. We encourage you to be praying for your church family and below are just a few examples of what you could be praying for. If you would like to add your own request, please fill out the form here or email your request to (please be sure to specify whether or not you would like your request shared or just sent to our elders).



  • For God's grace to abound at TACC and a bond of unity around Jesus our Saviour.
  • That our church body diligently prays for our future to reach the lost.  That our church body walks in the fear of the Lord and comfort of the Holy Spirit (Acts 9:31). 


  • Ray Barton: My son-in-law, Scott, has severe pain in his lower back. He drives about 1000 miles/week. He is a serious believer and is trusting God will help the doctors with the problem.