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December 22, 2013

"Full of the Holy Spirit"

Series: Jesus Christ, Son of Man Passage: Isaiah 11:1–11:9

Sermon Text: Isaiah 11.1-9

1. Jesus came to sacrifice Himself (John 12:27; Isaiah 53).

Jesus came to show us how to live (Luke 9:23; 1 Corinthians 11:1; Galatians 2:20).

3. We were given at least four resources in order to live as He lived (John 14:12-21):

The Bible (John 14-16; 2 Timothy 3:16-17)

Christian Community (John 17:21; Acts 2:42; Ephesians 3:10-11).

Prayer (John 16:24; Acts 4:31; Mark 1:35).

The Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8; Luke 24:49).


Discussion Questions

1. Jesus came to show us how to live and show us how to die. What makes following His lead in dying so hard to follow?

2. How is Christian character related to Christian witness? How is the community of saints, the church, related to Christian witness? What is a church?

3. When is the next evening of prayer scheduled? What are the details?

4. Which resource listed in point 3 of the sermon outline can you make better use of?

5. What kinds of resolutions can you make for 2014 to live more like Jesus?

6. How is the Spirit working on your character? Gossip? Love? Submission? Serving? Joy? Peace? Love? Self-control? Galatians 5, the fruits of the Spirit.

7. Greater things than Jesus? John 14:12-21. What does this mean for decisions we make?

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