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Disciplines for Delight

July 6, 2014 Series: Psalms for the City

Passage: Psalm 1:1–1:6


1. Forget that old, worn, outdated playlist. Ps. 1:1, 4-5

2. Make the decision to delight in the words of God’s treasure. Ps. 1:2; Job 23:10; 1 Tim. 6:20; 2 Tim. 1:14; Col. 2:2-3


3. Decide to fight for a relationship with your Bible. Ps. 1:3, 6



1. Share some of your favorite Bible verses with the group. Why are they your favorites? What have you learned in meditating on them?

2. What are the two ways contrasted in Psalm 1? What characterizes the way of the wicked? What does chaff symbolize?

3. What are some strategies for delighting in God’s Word? What kind of future can we expect if we are committed to the Bible?

4. Pick a verse for the group to memorize. Do it – memorize it now. Talk about it. Think about it. Do some group meditation on it. Talk about the experience. Can you do this individually?

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