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A Love Better Than Life

July 20, 2014 Series: Psalms for the City

Passage: Psalm 63:1–63:11


Big Idea: What does it look like to have God as your deepest longing?

Answer: If God is your deepest longing, then you have seen His power, you value Him more than life, and you are able to rejoice despite your circumstances.

1. Ask God to show you His glory. Be desperate for finding satisfaction in Him alone (Ps. 63:1; cf. Ps. 27:4; Is. 55, 64; Ex. 33)

2. Join a life group and be honest with one another about your relationship with Jesus. Work out difficulties in community and pray together about the good and the difficult (Ps. 63:1-2)

3. Serve in ways that require you to humble yourself before others. Give of yourself in a way that your life is not the same because of it (Ps. 63:3)

4. Sing together, sing alone, read the Psalms. Do what you can to worship God, and find your deepest satisfaction in Him. Meditate on the Bible and remember that this is one great story about Jesus! (Ps. 63:3-8)



What are some things in life that you found yourself desperate for? Something that you could not live without?

Are you at the place in life where you “thirst” for God and find His loving-kindness better than life? Why or why not?

Why is it difficult for us to desire God with the same passion as Psalm 63 describes?

Do you find yourself genuinely seeking Jesus, or what Jesus can give you or do for you? What is the difference between the two?

Have you experienced/witnessed the power of God? How so? What did it look like?

What should you do when you don’t desire God?

Should obedience to God and Scripture be a duty or a delight? Explain your experience. And why should it be one or the other or both?

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