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5 Things You Must Know to Worship

July 27, 2014 Series: Psalms for the City

Passage: Psalm 103:1–103:22

Sermon Notes:

1. Worship God. It' s about Him, not us. Worship is praising, blessing, and thanking the Lord for all that He is. Ps. 103:1

2. We must notify ourselves for intentional worship. Ps. 103:1

3. Worship requires the whole self. Worship, by it's very definition, cannot be half-hearted. Ps. 103:1

4. Worship means remembering, proclaiming, and savoring God's magnificent character and work. Ps. 103:2-18

5. Worship is a universe enthralled with a sovereign God. We worship with God. Always. We never worship alone. Ps. 103:19-22



1. What are your favorite worship songs? Why? How can favorite songs be a trap?

2. How should we talk to ourselves about worship? What words should we use?

3. What are God's benefits listed in Psalm 103?

4. Spend some time in group prayer thanking and praising God for His deeds as listed in Psalm 103-106.

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