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"How Organic is God?"

August 3, 2014 Series: Psalms for the City

Passage: Psalm 104

1. God is royally and splendidly awesome in the heavens, Psalm 104:1-4.

2. God is omnipotent/powerful in creation, Psalm 104:5-9.

3. God is faithful in governing and nourishing, Psalm 104:10-30.

      a. Water, vv. 10-13

      b. Food, vv. 14-15

      c. Shelter, vv. 16-18

      d. Rhythms, vv. 19-23

      e. Variety, vv. 24-26

      f. Judicious, appropriate, vv. 27-30

4. He rules His creation and will redeem it one day by the Lion-like Lamb, Psalm 104: 32-35; Revelation 5.

5. Our God is gloriously happy. God rejoices in His own work for His own glory, Psalm 104:31.



1. What are some things about creation that amaze you? What do those things reveal about God to you?

2. Which verses in Psalm 104 amaze you in describing God's creative activities?

3. Does it sound wrong to you that God delights in His own creation? Does that make God an idolater?

4. Is this Psalm close to making God equal with creation? Is this Psalm pantheistic? Why or why not?

5. Can we conclude from this Psalm and other biblical passages (Job 37; Romans 1) that God controls everything in nature? How does this work with lightning flashes that kill people? Does that mean that God wants them dead?

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