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August 26, 2014

Our Great God

Series: Psalms for the City Passage: Psalm 145:1–145:21

Sermon Outline

1. Hear the greatness of God proclaimed at church. Proclaim the greatness of God to yourself. Then proclaim it to your children (vv. 3-7).

2. Acknowledge the goodness of God to everyone, and let it lead you to thanksgiving (vv. 8-13).
3. When there is difficulty look to Jesus by going to the Bible (vv. 13-16).

4. When there is difficulty cry out to God in prayer (vv. 17-20).

5. Invite others to worship with you (vv. 1, 21).

Life Group Discussion Questions

1. How important is it to come to church to worship? What makes it important or unimportant?

2. Does your commitment to worship at TACC line up with how you answered question #1?

3. What does it mean to worship God? And how can we worship God every day?

4. Do you have a sense of the great tradition of our faith from generation to generation of worshippers, or does it feel like Christianity started with your generation? Why?

5. In what ways do we see the goodness of God toward everyone?

6. Do you ever want to withhold good from someone because you think they don’t deserve it? How might this indiscriminate goodness of God toward all challenge our prejudice hearts and free us to love?

7. Do you find it difficult to believe that God is righteous in all His ways?

8. How does the cross give us certainty that God is ultimately righteous in all His ways?

9. Who is someone you can invite to worship this great God with us?

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