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Feeling God?

September 21, 2014 Series: Psalms for the City

Passage: Psalm 119:57–119:64

No sermon notes this week.

Life Group Discussion Questions

1. Does anyone in your group remember what it felt like when they first became a Christian? Do you still have those feelings or have they waned?

2. What two words are used to bracket the “heth” stanza in Psalm 119? [v. 57 begins with ‘portion’ or the allotment given to each tribe. In this case the portion for the tribe of Lot was the Lord Himself, they were not given any land. The same is true for believers today, our portion is the Lord. V. 64 ends the stanza with the word “loving-kindness or love”. The particular word for love is the Hebrew word “chesed”. It means ‘loyalty to the highest point of devotion’. Both words begin with the Hebrew letter 'heth"]

3. What does it mean for the believer that the Lord is his portion. Does that mean we desire nothing but Him? Cf. Psalm 73:25-26. How do we square that with our excitement over the Angels, or our commitment to family and friends?

4. How many letters are there in the Hebrews alphabet? What’s an acrostic? How many stanzas are there in Psalm 119? Why does the writer of this Psalm (unknown) do this?

5. What are some key thoughts that can guide us to re-discover the feelings we had for the Lord when we were first converted? What are the key thoughts in Psalm 119:57-64 that will help us re-kindle our love and desire for God?

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