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The Sweetness of the Book

October 26, 2014 Series: Psalms for the City

Passage: Psalm 19:7–19:14

Sermon Notes

1. God and His Gospel, as revealed in the Word, is the only source to all our longings, Psalm 19:7-10.

A. Life/spiritual energy/light instead of darkness: it is the only source of life giving truth, Proverbs 19:7a.

B. Hope: God’s promises provide wisdom for living, Proverbs 19:7b.

C. Joy and happiness: the Bible’s instructions are clear and right causing great joy, Proverbs 19:8a.

D. Calm: His worldview is rock solid, Proverbs 19:8b.

E. Someone bigger than us. Awesome reverence is the glue of life, Proverbs 19:9a

F. Completeness: sufficient and sure guide to everything, Proverbs 19:9b.

To sum up: David tells us that God’s Word is precious, pleasurable, protective, and profitable, Proverbs 19:10-11


2. We repent and worship in response, Psalm 19:11-14; Isaiah 6:1-8.


Community Group Discussion Guide

1. Share with the group what you read in the Bible this week and how it helped.

2. There are four words that we use to describe the Bible’s essential character. They are sufficiency, clarity, authority and necessity? What do these terms mean when describing the Bible?

3. Are there any situation in life that the Bible doesn’t give counsel on?

4. Why is repentance the response of David to reading the Bible?

5. Read Isaiah 6:1-8. Talk about the sequence of events. Is Isaiah promised success? Why does he volunteer?

6. How does the Bible revive your soul? Talk about the mechanics of the reviving?

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