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"Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness"

November 30, 2014 Series: Follow Me

Passage: Matthew 5:6–5:6

Life Group Discussion Questions:

1. Read Matthew 5:6. What is righteousness?

2. To hunger and thirst is to be lacking in food and hydration. Jesus says that we are blessed if we hunger and thirst after righteousness. Does this mean that we do not have righteousness?

3. Is it good that Scripture confronts us and tells us that we are sinners and we are lacking in righteousness? Why or why not?

4. If we don't have a righteousness of our own, then where does it come from? Is it difficult to depend upon the righteousness of another (Jesus), accepting something that you could not contribute to? What makes it difficult?

5. Do you find yourself longing for a greater righteousness in your own life? Be honest. If so, in what areas of life do you see yourself needing to submit to the Lord?

6. How does having a righteousness made available to us thru Christ make us long for righteousness in the world around us?

7. How have you experienced injustice? Where do you see other injustices in your local community? Where else are we lacking and need to be filled?

8. Do you think that pursuing righteousness is what you need? What do you typically find yourself chasing after to fill and satisfy you?

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