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"Industrial Marriage"

February 22, 2015 Series: Follow Me

Passage: Matthew 5:27–5:30

We have to take a hard look at what we put in front of our eyes as men and women seated in the heavenly place; Colossians 3:1-4; Ephesians 2:6.

1. The realities of the breach of the 6th commandment are staggering, Matthew 5:27-30.

2. The pleasures that God intends for us by keeping the 6th commandment are staggering, Matthew 5:27-30.

Life Group Discussion Questions

1. T or F
If you have trouble surfing the internet and cannot stay away from bad sites, it is better to disconnect the internet and use the telephone.

T or F
The realty of God’s judgment on those who break the 6th commandments are staggering.

2. What are some practices that we can develop to strengthen marriage?

3. What are some practical things single people can do to encourage married people?

4. What are some results of infidelity that we should remind ourselves of?

5. What are benefits of marital faithfulness that we should be reminded of?

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