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"Loving Like God Loves"

March 22, 2015 Series: Follow Me

Passage: Matthew 5:43–5:48


10 non-creative but naturally occurring ways to hate people:

1. Grudge their success. 2. Blacken their name.
3. Desire their failure. 4. Ignore their graces and gifts.
5. Suspect their motives. 6. Rejoice when they fall or fail.
7. Refuse their confession. 8. Highlight only their defects.
9. Despise their callings and roles. 10. Take vengeance upon them.

1. With great relief and gratitude, give thanks to God; He took the initiative to _________ and __________ you, by His grace, even when you were His _________, Matthew 5:44-45; Romans 5:10; Psalm 5:4-6; 7:11; Hebrews 12:18-29; Revelation 14:9-11; 19:11-21.

2. Daily take note of God’s _____________ ___________, purchased on the Cross; He showers love on His enemies and His family - everyone, Matthew 5:45.

3. Those who are sons of God love their _________ and show themselves to be in God’s __________, Matthew 5:45.

4. Jesus gives us in four keys to __________, Matthew 5:44, 47.

a. Greet
b. Serve
c. Pray
d. Share the Gospel

Life Group Discussion Questions

1. What are some cool ways to get even? Which ones do you like best? See the list above.

2. Is it still gossip if it’s true? Why do we focus on our enemies' deficiencies and not their positive points? Does everyone have positive and negative personality traits?

3. How can we choose to rest and not take vengeance? Who and what do we rest in?

4. What are the four ways to love our enemies? Do we do the exact same for our friends? Which relationship is more satisfying in the end?

5. Do the four ways to love our enemies also work for those we don’t know? Do they help us to know and expand our non-believing network of friends? What benefit is there in expanding our list of non-Christian friends?

6. Silently pray as a group for one person you find it hard to love. What are you going to do to serve them? Cookies?


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