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"Did They Really Not Know?"

March 29, 2015 Series: Easter Preparedness

Passage: John 10–11


1. It’s _________ not to see Jesus.

2. There is nothing better than love for Jesus, which knows no ________, which matches His __________, and endures to the end.

Life Group Discussion Questions

1. Make a list of those who didn’t understand Jesus during the final week of His life beginning with John 11. What explanation do we have for Caiaphas’ prophecy in chapter 11?

2. Do we mostly assume that we “get it” about Jesus? Do those we listed in question #1 assume they were right about Jesus too?

3. What are the hindrances we have to loving Jesus the way we should? What are some pathways to reclaiming our lost love?

4. Why is the failure to love Jesus suicidal? Why is loving Jesus real life?