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"It's All a Bunch of Nothing?"

April 12, 2015 Series: Seasons of the Soul

Passage: Ecclesiastes 1:1–1:18

Ecclesiastes moves us from thinking that nothing matters to believing and living because everything matters.


1. We live in a world that is endlessly busy and hopelessly inconclusive. Can anything be found of lasting value?
Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

2. Francis Schaeffer once wrote, “All men . . . have a deep longing for significance, a longing for meaning . . . no man, regardless of his theoretical system, is content to look at himself as a finally meaningless machine which can and will be discarded totally and forever.”
Ecclesiastes 1:12-18

3. You do not get to keep God’s key in your back pocket. Sooner or later, if you are a believer, you are going to have to actually trust God to keep the key to life.
Ecclesiastes 2:24-26; 12:13-14

Life Group Discussion Guide

1. What are the Wisdom literature books in the Bible?

2. Who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes? Was he a control freak?

3. What kinds of significance do men and women strive for?

4. Why is striving to understand ultimately fruitless?

5. What does it look like to trust God in all of life? Is anxiety a failure to trust? How does Philippians 4:4-8 help?

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