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"Enjoying Life!"

July 5, 2015 Series: Seasons of the Soul

Passage: Ecclesiastes 9:1–9:12

1. We don’t know how, but God controls the life and times of His people.

Ecclesiastes 8:16-17; 9:1


2. In the same way, God controls the destiny of those who are not
His own.

Ecclesiastes 9:2


3. In many instances, the same outcomes apply to the wicked and righteous.

Ecclesiastes 9:3


4. Be happy that you are alive, life is a gift from God.

Ecclesiastes 9:4-6


5. Enjoy the good gifts that God gives: food, drink, marriage, family, work.

Ecclesiastes 9:7-12; 2:24-26; 3:11-14; 5:18-20


6. Death comes unexpectedly, death is the ultimate proof that our pretentions to be god are foolish.

Ecclesiastes 9:12

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