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July 12, 2015

"When Everything is Going off the Rails!"

Series: Seasons of the Soul Passage: Ecclesiastes 9:13–10:20

A. What is foolishness? What do the foolish do and say? Remember these animals: flies, snakes and birds.

1. Not listening, forgetting the wise

2. Honoring worldly values: the wealthy, the popular, the slick, the “useful”

3. Anger

4. Empowering the foolish

5. Lack of planning

6. Too much talking

7. Indolence, laziness

8. Inappropriate celebration



B. What is wisdom? How can I be wise?


1. Listening, honoring and remembering the wise

2. Composure

3. Planning

4. Quietness

5. Working and then celebrating

6. Treasuring Jesus and His Word

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