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"Psalms: Seasons and Prayers"

September 13, 2015 Speaker: Craig Hill Series: The Best Of...

Passage: Psalm 1

Discussion Questions

1. When in your life would you point to as a "season of orientation" or a formative time in your Christian walk when everything seemed "black and white" and there was enjoyable predictability? (Like Psalm 1)

2. When was a time when you experienced a "season of disorientation" in your Christian life? A time when you were not so sure what God was up to. . . or a time of pain or doubt? (Like Psalm 88)

3. Tell about a time when God surprised you with unexpected blessing. How is that like a "season of New Orientation"? (Like Psalm 30)

4. How does Prayer change in these sorts of seasons, as we see in the psalms?