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October 11, 2015

"Enduring Virtues"

Speaker: Rick Langer Series: The Best Of... Passage: 1 Corinthians 13:13


I. Introduction
II. Understanding the virtues
        A. Theological virtues
                1. Complementary virtues
                2. Enduring virtues
        B. Relationship to cardinal virtues
                1. Cardinal virtues
                2. Relationship between cardinal and theological virtues
III. Living the virtues
        A. Attaching to God: the “good” of theological virtues
        B. Attachment to God in our daily life



Discussion Questions
1. Identify some of the major contributors to the goodness of your life right now. Then, identify some of the issues that seem to be diminishing your experience of a truly good life.
2. Which of the four “cardinal virtues” (wisdom, courage, temperance, justice) do you most need (or need to cultivate) right now and why?
3. Which of the three “theological virtues” (faith, hope, love) do you most need (or need to cultivate) right now and why?
4. What is God using to work on your character right now? (this might include circumstances, relationships, unique challenges or opportunities). Are you fighting God as he works on your character, or are you cooperating with him?
5. How are you experiencing God right now? It might help to think of some of the different ways he is referred to in Scripture: The Rock, The Redeemer, The Shepherd, The Comforter, The Provider, The Healer, and countless more names and titles.

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