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"Loving the Stranger"

December 20, 2015 Series: Jesus Is _______.

Passage: Romans 12

What does a Life/Community group look like?
1. Part and parcel to a local church.
2. Joy and holiness.
3. The Word.
4. Loving service.
5. Prayer.
6. Stranger friendly.
     a) Recall the Gospel: the wow factor of God's work, without any help from us.
     b) A dramatic change in of mind and attitude.
     c) Unabashed slavery.
     d) Tender-hearted living with those who need Jesus.


Life Group Discussion Questions:
1. Recall your conversion experience. It may have been a one moment dramatic type event or more of a process. What did it feel like? What happened?
2. How do you feel when you serve the members of the church? How do you think they feel?
3. Verses 14-21 speak of our relationship with those outside the church. What should be the proper stance toward the non-believer who has just received a raise? Just lost a loved one?
4. Who are the lowly in v. 16?
5. What are some strategies we can use to connect with those who are not part of the church?



Advent Catechism:
Question: What is the essential resource that God gives us in our fight against sin and our striving for holiness?

Answer: Christ was made a man, so that He might suffer temptation in all the ways we do. Therefore, He understands our temptations and is able to provide the gracious resources so that we can withstand temptation.

Scripture: Hebrews 4:14-16

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