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"Community: Streaming the Gospel"

February 21, 2016 Series: Follow Me

Passage: Acts 2:42–2:47

The Gospel is streamed to us via:

1. The Lord's Supper.

2. Baptism.

3. Hospitality.

4. The Word.

5. Prayer.

6. Everyday life.

7. Active listening.

8. Confession.

9. Training.

10. Serving.

11. Protection.



Group discussion

1. What parts of the list of eleven make the most sense to you? What makes the least sense? Are there other Gospel streams that should be exploited?

2. Why is it essential to confess our sins to one another? What makes the practice so essential?

3. Have someone in the group model active listening for 5 minutes. What makes it so hard?

4. Review what we learned about the Lord's Supper. What most impacted you about the practice and teaching about it?

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