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"The Rest of Worship"

August 28, 2016 Series: And Yet Jehoiachin Lives

Passage: 1 Kings 6–7

“What we perceive to be just ‘life happening’ . . . is not. It is the pulse of worship. The shrapnel of worship. The blast site of worship. Life is just picking up the pieces. We are all facing some deity. Some glory has swept us off our feet, and this very moment, like a rabid animal, we are pursuing it. That’s what life is.” Matt Papa

What can I do to keep going?

1. The overpowering, irresistible, delight of knowing His name/fame. We rest in the enjoyment of the experience of His awesome majesty, power, and love, 1 Kings 6-7; 8:10-11; Isaiah 8:12-13.

2. Stop it. Quit the work of fixing it; it’s fixed, 1 Kings 6:7.

3. Smile at your future. Get some future faith. We rest from worry; what God has promised, God can do, Kings 7:21; Romans 4:21.

4. Pick up the pieces from the blast. We worship to work, 1 Kings 7; Isaiah 6:1-8.

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