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September 4, 2016

"Jesus will Build HIS Church HIS Way: Devotion to the Apostle's Teaching"

Speaker: Doug Wicks Series: Words From Your Elders

1) Why be devoted to the Apostle's teaching?
    a) They had divine revelation.
    b) Signs, wonders, and miracles authenticated their message.

2) What is the Apostle's teaching?
    a) The message of Christ.

3) What does the Apostle's teaching produce in the believer?
    a) A love for who Christ is and what He has accomplished.
    b) Sanctification and personal holiness.

4) What are the implications for us?
    a) Does the Word [Apostle's teaching] occupy your attention regularly?
    b) Do you turn to it for answers, direction, and comfort?
    c) Does it enter into your conversations?
    d) Do you study it to know God better?
    e) Do you hide it in your heart?