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“In Our Right Minds"

March 11, 2018 Series: The Fight: The Year of Prayer

Passage: Mark 5:1–5:20

Sunday Sermon: March 11, 2018

1. Do not be deceived - we live in a dark and broken world: trafficking, abortion, suicide, marriage confusion, gender confusion, love of money and things, cutting, addictions, pornography, wars. Satan comes to divide and steal, confuse and kill, by every means possible.
2. Jesus is King over every kingdom. Evil does not intimidate Jesus. He controls, soothes, illuminates, calms, dignifies, and commands by His awesome power and transcendent authority.

“They saw the demon-possessed man, the one who had had the legion, sitting there, clothed and in his right mind (Mark 5:15). There is no temperament Jesus cannot control. There is no madness he cannot soothe. There is no darkness he cannot illuminate. There is no chain he cannot break. There is no raving he cannot calm. There is no shame he cannot dignify. There is no nakedness he cannot clothe. There is no legion he cannot command. And when he proved his power, restoring this dear man who had suffered so much for so long, sending the demons into the nearby herd of pigs, the people “began to beg Jesus to depart from their region” (Mark 5:17). Jesus forced on them a choice — his transformation or their pigs? They preferred their pigs. Sure, their world was dysfunctional. But it was theirs. It was familiar. They preferred it undisturbed. Ray Ortlund

3. Those who know the Savior are in their right minds, sitting at the feet of Jesus, obeying His commands. If He is your Savior, then He is your Lord.

Do not be afraid. The Good Shepherd will walk with you and protect you on the darkest road (Psalm 23:4). Declare how much God has done for you. You are being sent because there are other tomb-people to free. Jon Bloom

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