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May 13, 2018

"Receiving Grace, Saying Grace, Being Grace"

Series: The Fight: The Year of Prayer Passage: Luke 5:1–39, Luke 15:1–32

Sunday Sermon: May 13, 2018

“Mission must involve not only contact between unbelievers and individual Christians but between unbelievers and the Christian community. We want to build relationships with unbelievers—not in church buildings where we feel comfortable but on their territory. We also need to introduce people to the network of relationships that make up the believing community so that they see Christian community in action. People are often attracted to the Christian community before they are attracted to the Christian message. This does not necessarily mean inviting people to Sunday services. It means introducing them to our network of relationships in the context of ordinary life: inviting both Christian and non-Christian friends around for a meal or for an evening out. So, our approach to mission should involve three elements: (1) building relationships, (2) sharing the gospel message, and (3) including people in community.” Tim Chester, Everyday Church

1. Jesus came in the power of the Holy Spirit – full of grace and truth.

2. Jesus came to serve, to give grace to those who didn’t deserve it or earn it.

3. Jesus served and gave grace in homes, around meals.

4. Jesus ate with sinners.

"The truly hospitable aren’t embarrassed to keep friendships with people who are different. They don’t buy the world’s bunk about this. They know that there is a difference between acceptance and approval, and they courageously accept and respect people who think differently from them. They don’t worry that others will misinterpret their friendship. Jesus dined with sinners, but he didn’t sin with sinners. Jesus lived in the world, but he didn’t live like the world. This is the Jesus paradox. And it defines those who are willing to suffer with others for the sake of gospel sharing and gospel living, those who care more for integrity than appearances." Rosaria Butterfield, The Gospel Comes with a House Key: Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post-Christian World

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