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Taft Ave Israel Trip 2022


Israel 2022

September 12-22, 2022

Have you ever wanted to see the places where Jesus walked and lived? . . . where David fought Goliath? . . . the caves where David hid from Saul?  . . . where Joshua led the nation into the promised land? . . . the caves of the Dead Sea Scrolls? . . . where John baptized people? . . .  where James and John fished? . . . where Jesus walked on water? . . . where Peter preached his first sermon?

Taft Ave is going to Israel!  A trip to Israel brings the land and lessons of the Bible to life.  This is a 12 day all-inclusive trip with 10 days on the ground in Israel.  All of your lodging and meals are taken care of, so you can focus on seeing the places where the Bible happened!  We are going with guides and drivers who are the best in Israel.  Pastor Craig (also known as Dr. Hill) has been part of leading several teams to Israel with teaching that brings the backgrounds of the Bible into clear focus that will transform your Bible reading, and provide the space to reflect on what God has done!

We will have classes and homework in the months leading up to our trip to get you prepared.  So, get ready for the trip of a lifetime, with people from the community you love! 

Here is some info about the Trip:

Dates: September 12-23, 2022

Total Cost: $4390 per person ($100 discount if booking before Mar 21, 2022). Payment plan available.

All the details and links for registration are available here at the GTI Study Tours Website. (