Join us each Sunday at 10:30am, In-person or via Livestream!

Click here to listen to some of our musicians perform "I'd Rather Have Jesus" (Kenzie, Emily, Camille, and Andrew R.).

The music and technical teams seek to lead and assist the church at Taft Avenue to give praise, glory and honor to God.

We aim to provide an ongoing and self-replicating infrastructure of training and development to build and equip leaders for church plants and missionary work.

1. We use simple and easy to follow arrangements of songs to facilitate and encourage the church to sing.

2. We prefer ‘home grown’ singers and instrumentalists – Christians who call Taft Avenue home - to display authenticity and unity.

3. We welcome and encourage the involvement and participation of the children’s choir in our Sunday worship services to encourage and promote the church to seek Christ with a child like love.

4. We train and mentor our youth singers and instrumentalists, giving them frequent opportunities to participate and lead the main worship services.

5. We seek and relish opportunities to spontaneously sing to one another without the focus or need for preparation or rehearsal.

6. We prefer songs, hymns and spiritual songs, old and new, with lyrics that are scripture based, that focus more on what God has done instead of what an individual is doing as they worship.

7. We aim to bring encouragement and comfort to the hopeless and downcast, or to those people that are simply having a bad day.

8. We incorporate a variety of dynamics and tempos, including softer volumes and slower tempos to encourage unity and to set a tone or mood of beauty, sweetness and love.

9. We enjoy using soloists as a means to sing to one another.

10. We determine quality by assessing congregational interaction and participation, as opposed to performance or execution.

11. We encourage the church to strive to be more expressive – to lift their hands, to shout with their voices, to kneel, to pray out loud.

12. We use songs that support meditation on God - that allow people the freedom to just sit back and “drink it in.”

13. We value spiritual growth, maturity and authenticity, and hold these in higher regard over musical skill or accomplishments.

We evaluate each other and ourselves in light of our obedience to God’s word, striving to lead and displaying a God honoring life.