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In a post-christian culture evangelism may be both scary and challenging, but we can't ignore God's call to go and make disciples. What can we do to move past obstacles and show the love of Christ? Check out this great article by Matt Chandler, Everyone You Meet Will Live Forever: Evangelism in an Age of Unbelief, for some practical ways ...Read More

Romans 12 is one of the most critical chapters in the New Testament. It’s the start of the “therefores” after 11 chapters of the Gospel’s message and reputation in Romans 1-11. In the last of the exhortations that apply to the believing community’s relationship to itself, Romans 12:1-13, Paul encourages the practice of hospitali...Read More

It’s the season for fasting and prayer at TACC. Many of us have never fasted and so this will be an exploration in a new biblical discipline. Jesus expected us to fast. He said that when he left us that we would fast. So why is it so rare? I place much of the weight of this omission on ...Read More