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March 25, 2014

"The Trinity, Missions and the God Who Sends" (no audio this week, technical difficulties)

Speaker: Dr. Fred Sanders Series: Mission and Missions Passage: John 20:21–20:22

1. Not exactly like (What these words do not mean.)

     A. The eternal Trinity

     B. God has not unmet needs

     C. How the Father sends


2. The Mission of God (What these words do mean.)

     A. Sent by the Trinity

     B. Heavenly momentum

     C. Envoys


Life Group Discussion Guide

1. What were some thought provoking points from Dr. Sander’s sermon? Is there anything that you might change because of listening to him?

2. Where are the most important “sending” texts in the New Testament? Do they still apply? In what sense are they still true? Are there goers and senders? Should everybody be a goer, or just those with the gift of evangelism? Should every Christian tell the Gospel to their friends?

3. Can we really be sent the same way Jesus was sent?

4. What can your Life Group do this year to help reach the nations with the Gospel? Orange? Taft Elementary?

5. What can your Life Group do to reach the City of Orange with the Gospel? Have you discussed inviting your neighbors to our Easter service? Has anyone made plans to host a 4th of July party? Do you think TACC has a responsibility to Chapman University?

6. After reading the article on the facing page, do you agree? Disagree? Why?

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