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"It's Better Higher Up"

August 5, 2018 Speaker: Jim Hill Series: The Fight: The Year of Prayer

Passage: Romans 8:28

Sunday Sermon: August 5th, 2018


A. Of those who love God: who are these?

B. He works together: what does together mean?

C. All things: what does ‘all things’ mean?

D. Into Good: what does ‘good’ mean?

E. To those called according to His purpose: who are these?

Where is God in life’s difficulties?
(Make general notes here and on the backside)



Something to take away today!

1. God is S_____________________.

2. We sometimes get C__________ because God doesn’t always act the way we

T_________ He should act.

3. God absolutely works together for our M_______ G________ so that we might be conformed to Him because we have been called according to His purpose.

4. While we don’t always know what God’s plans are, we DO K_________

H__________ by his character, and His character is good.

5. Our focus is A__________ S_____________ upon our earthly life, while God’s

F____________ is on your E______________ condition.

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