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TACC Women's Ministries hosted "Holiday Detox" an event designed to help us focus on reviewing our walk with Christ, renewing our commitment to Him and refocusing the use of our time and talents to accomplish the Lord’s purposes. A number of ladies came together to fellowship, share yummies, sing praises to the Lord — a big thank you to the "A" team Abby and Anna who led worship, and hear from our own Anna Lichte whose discussion led us to the feet of Jesus and the concept of spiritually "detoxifying our hearts."

Anna reminded us of the need to rid ourselves of accumlated worldly junk that creeps into our mind when we forget to be diligent. She encouraged us to, "take a step back and review how we are doing in living our lives for Christ." Routinely taking stock of where we are in our faith walk helps us to see where we have drifted. She provided us with seven questions to ask ourselves in order to gauge our spiritual health. 

Anna further encouraged us as she spoke about the need for us to renew our hearts and minds daily as we seek to be more Christ like. God's mercies are new every morning and we should set aside time first thing to spend with Him as we renew and prepare for the day ahead.

Lastly Anna encouraged us to focus our attentions on those things we want to change remembering, "we cannot reach these goals on our own" but in God's strength all things are possible. Christ at the center helps us to live our lives for Him.

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