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In the Garden

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This past Saturday TACC Women's Ministries hosted “In the Garden." The event was held outdoors in the courtyard and was well attended with ladies from our church, their extended family, friends, a group from Hacedores Por Gracia Iglesia (Hispanic church), and women from Lancaster Evangelical Free Church.

TACC men came out to set up, prepare the delicious food, and serve brunch. They did a fantastic job and we were truly blessed.

Worship was led by Amy HIraheta with Abby Hiraheta and Mary Beth Ramlo. They provided praises, prayer, and amazing musical gifts.

June Hetzel, Dean of Education at Biola, spoke on prayer at our Women’s Ministry event. She told a story of a Kindergarten student drawing a picture and taking longer than the other students. When asked what she was drawing she replied, “A picture of God.” The teacher responded, “No one knows what God looks like.” The student answered, “They will when I’m done!” This is true of all of us. When we begin our new lives as Christians believing in Jesus and truly understanding the Gospel, we know a little bit about God and as time progresses He reveals who He is. Through prayer we develop a relationship with Him and a picture of who He is becomes clear.

June talked about how we learn to, "...walk in pace with the Spirit," when we allow Jesus to navigate our boat. Prayer is important it allows us a relationship with God, helps us to mature spiritually, helps us to trust Jesus, and helps us to hear the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

For those of us new in faith and to prayer or those of us who are unsure what or how to pray June offered the A.C.T.S. model to follow, not as a replacement for conversing with God, but for guidance.

A stands for adoration in which we praise and worship God.
C is confession in which we tell God the things we have done wrong and ask for forgiveness.
T is thanksgiving in which we express gratitude for God’s love, provision, protection...
S stands for supplication in which we ask God for help with our needs and the needs of others.

It was a wonderful morning filled with fellowship and friendship. Thank you to everyone involved.


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For those of you interested in an extended prayer time, come pray with your TACC brothers and sisters (Sunday, June 22 at 6pm) for your church leaders, church family, and community. After a time of corporate prayer the worship center will remain open for individual prayer time.