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What's a Failure Like Me Supposed to Do?

September 7, 2014 Series: Psalms for the City

Passage: Psalm 106:1–106:48

Sermon Outline:

1. Remember the LORD'S mighty deeds and give thanks.

2. Learn from your sin: remember who God is, how it worked for you, and then don't do it again.

3. Finish the Mission, remember the big picture, adopt the agenda, don't waste your life.


Life Group Discussion Questions:

1. What are some of your best memories of what God has done? What makes them good? What are some of your hardest memories? Any lessons?
2. Are we losing real community with our computing devices? How can we regain what has been lost? Is there a possibility that we have never known true church community in the modern age?
3. What is God's agenda for TACC? Comment on the quotations from Matt Chandler, John Piper, John Mathis, and John Frame.
4. Should everyone have a personal mission statement? Would it be generic or particularly just for you?



"...the Great Commission must be the focus of everything the church does. Indeed, it must be the focus of the life of every believer. All that we do must be done so that the world may be filled with believers and that these believers may be subdued to obey all God's commands." -John Frame

“We each may be saved as an individual life, but we are not saved to an individual life. We stand as part of God’s restoring of all things, and we are brought into the missional witness to God’s restorative gospel - the body of Christ.” -Matt Chandler

“So the call to finish the mission is unavoidably a call for martyrs—not a call for kamikazes but a call for missionaries bent on Jesus’s worldwide fame and satisfied so deeply in him that they can say with Esther, “If I perish, I perish” (Est. 4:16) and with Paul, “To die is gain” (Phil. 1:21).”-John Piper, John Mathis

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