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How to Stop Being a Mule

October 5, 2014 Series: Psalms for the City

Passage: Psalm 32:1–32:11

TACC, October 5, 2014
Psalm 32 “How Stop Being a Mule”

“For nothing can be more terrible than to have God for our enemy; nor can he be gracious to us in any other way than by pardoning our transgressions.” John Calvin

“The Bible teaches again and again that there is forgiveness for those who truly repent…. Because living with unconfessed sin brings spiritual depression and oppressive guilt, it is foolish to refuse to acknowledge sin. Because forgiveness of sin brings joyful bliss with God and relief from guilty pain, it is wise to confess sin and not conceal it.” Allen P. Ross

Sermon Notes:

1. Being forgiven by God is a great blessing and produces happy Christians. There is an incredible place of joy and blessing for those who know their sins are forgiven. Mules don’t experience this (Psalm 32:1-2, 9, 10b, 11).

2. Hiding our sin produces agony of body, soul and spirit, Psalm 32:3-4.

3. Honest confession brings:

-Forgiveness. God graciously forgives the one who confesses his sin, with no deceit, Psalm 32:2, 5.

-Protection. God gives protection the one who confesses his sin, with no deceit, Psalm 32:6-7.

-Direction. God gives guidance the one who confesses his sin, with no deceit, Psalm 32:8-9.

-Comfort. God’s love is well-known to the one who confesses his sin, with no deceit, Psalm 32:10

-Joy and happiness. God’s gladness comes to the upright, Psalm 32:11.

Community Group Discussion Questions

1. Have group members share how it feels to have their sins forgiven or not forgiven. Share specifics if possible (there is no one who does not sin).

2. Why would our body, soul and spirit suffer when our sin is saved up? What would motivate us to hide our sin?

3. What makes sin so deceitful? Why is the lack of confession also deceitful? Do you know you are deceived when you are deceived? What are some good ways to keep from being deceived?

4. What are some of the blessings listed in the Psalm for those who confess?

5. Can churches have sins that they need to confess corporately? Families? Is confession and repentance only an individual truth?

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