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"Loving the Stranger"

December 27, 2015 Series: Follow Me

Passage: Romans 1:1–1:21

What does a Life/Community group look like?
1. Part and parcel to a local church.
2. Joy and holiness.
3. The Word.
4. Loving service.
5. Prayer.
6. Stranger friendly.
     a) Recall the Gospel: the wow factor of God's work, without any help from us.
     b) A dramatic change in of mind and attitude.
     c) Unabashed slavery.
     d) Tender-hearted living with those who need Jesus.



“Programs are what we create when Christians are not doing what they are supposed to do in everyday life. Because we are not relating properly to one another in everyday life, we create accountability groups. Because we are not sharing the gospel in everyday life, we create guest services. Because we are not joining social groups to witness to Jesus, we create our own church social groups. We need to introduce people to the network of relationships that make up he believing community so that they see Christian community in action... We will never outperform TV shows and music videos. But there is nothing like a loving community without whispered remarks, without backbiting, without self-aggrandizement, with listening ears, loving acceptance, generational diversity. There is nowhere else where grace is experienced and God is present by his Spirit.”
- Tim Chester

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